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victims. >> kelly: and rick and jamie are going to join you from here and keep praying for the people in >> well, disturbing new developments are unravelling by the minute in the tragic connecticut school shooting. right now the death toll stands at 28. 27 of them the victims. so many of them children.
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the other, the gunman, hello everyone, i'm jamie colby, a brand new hour inside america's news room. >> rick: i'm rick folbaum and police are saying they have good evidence to begin to explain why 20-year-old adam lanza opened fire on innocent children and on those educators as well. the gunman is seen here in a picture taken a number of years ago and we're now learning that despite earlier reports that this young man's mother worked at the school, police are now saying that that he have been unable to establish any connection between the mother and the school. >> jamie: so many things developing this hour. we'll have a lot of new information. at this hour police say they've now identified all of the victims in the tragedy as they worked tirelessly to comb the crime scene. >> we still have major crime detectives and newtown detectives working at the scene in the school. that's not completed and that probably will not be completed
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for at least another day and a half to two days and i'm putting a time limit on it, it could take longer. as i've explained in previous press conferences, we've done everything we need to do to literally peel back the onion layer by layer and examine every crack and crevice of that facility and that does not include-- or exclude, i should say the outside of the building. the outside of the building is also part of the crime scene every single vehicle in that lot. it's going to be painstaking process. our investigator at the crime scene and at the school and secondarily at the secondary crime scene we used where a female was deceased, could provide good evidence in this investigation, that our investigators will be able to use and hopefully painting a complete picture how, and more importantly, why this occurred. we have established a point of entry. it was, i can tell you it
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was-- i understand believed he was not voluntarily let into the school at all, that he forced his way into the school, as far as we can go on that. now to the shooting. we did a thorough search of the neighborhood and local partners and everything was examined. if we found anyone in the woods cutting wood, they would be detained pending investigation. so, there were no other arrests that were associated with this investigation. >> awe now our correspondent molly line is live in newtown, connecticut. i know it's a hard story to cover. at this hour do you have new information about the gunman's mother? >> yes, actually, more than 24 hours have passed now since this massacre occurred and federal authorities are now saying that the gunman's mother, nancy lanza, who was not affiliated with the school. so, information has changed and initially reported that she had some sort of affiliation, possibly a teacher, possibly a kindergarten teacher and that raises more questions because
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initially people thought if she had a connection to the school, it might explain some of the gunman's anger and why he went to that location. to seek somehow a motive and now, federal authorities are saying that's not the case and there is no connection and that really raises a lot more questions about how things happened and why they happened. other information has changed off the course of this investigation. most notably, the name of the shooter was initially reported to be ryan lanza, the brother of the shooting and he was take be into custody and speaking and cooperating with authorities and released. it is believed that adam lanza, the shooter, had taken ryan lanza's identification in the school with him. and every time there's a press conference, we get a little more information and a little more the puzzle although we may never know exactly why this senseless episode happened. jamie. >> jamie: although at the police conference, they did
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say they have effective evidence that they found that might explain motive. if you can ever explain such a thing. they've done a lot of interviews in the last 24 hours, molly. and there was one survivor that could prove key to this. what have you learned actually happened during this tragedy? >> yeah, the survive you're talking about was a shooting victim that got out and made it to the hospital and is expected to recover and they say that what she has to say about what happened inside that building will be invaluable to them as they try to unroughly the facts and of course, they have so many, dozens and dozens of firsthand accounts of people inside the school when the shooting occurred, that heard the gunshots and we had a chance to speak with a librarian that survived and here is what she had to say about what happened inside. >> the intercom in the the office went off as if they were going to make an announcement and then we heard some scuffling noises and stuff and i thought that somebody hit the button by mistake and they were just in
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the office and so i called down there and one of the secretaries answered the phone and said there's a shooting and then you become aware and we started hearing the gunshots, so, i yelled lockdown, to the group that was in our room and i ran across the hall and told them to lock down. >> and the number of people that are affected and are part of this investigation from the children to the school personnel, the teachers, the parents, the multiple law enforcement agencies on the ground here, the government agencies, school personnel, there are so many different facts to uncover and many, many days ahead. detectives say they'll be at the school for days and that's just the beginning as this community copes with what occurred here, jamie. >> jamie: if they can, so tragic. molly stay on it for us, bring us any new details over the hour that rick and i are here. >> rick: out of the tragedy, so many heroic staff members who sacrificed their own lives
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in the attempt to save the young kids. this is a picture of the principal of the school. dawn hochsprung, and others hid under tables once the gunfire began, the principal ran straight for the gunman than that move ended up costing her her life. and the her friend, the librarian we heard about in molly's report also took time to speak about principal hochsprung. >> we had a book fair a few weeks ago and she dressed up as a reading fairy and putting reading fairie dust on the kids. she was just an amazing woman, she was strong and fun and the kids loved her and, she was a really wonderful woman, it's a huge loss for the town and for our school. when you think about how our school is going to recover, you think about leadership and she's the person who most could have done that. >> along with the principal,
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two other staff members died trying to save their students. 27-year-old laurie soto, threw her body in front of the children as the gunman started shooting. and the 56-year-old psychologist who ran into the hallway along with the principal and confronted the shooter and they were both gunned down moments later. >> word of the shooting sending stock waves through the small, close knit community we're getting to know. parents and loved ones, rushing to the school not knowing if their children were still alive. and here is more from friends and neighbors. >> they just told us -- just told us if you can't find your kids, if you can't find your children they're dead in the building. oh. >> and my, my best friend's child is missing and the students they took to the
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hospital are dead now. and you can pretty much assume that the ones in the, in the hospital -- i mean, in the, that are in the school are dead. everybody in the school is dead. >> there's no word and i think everyone is in shock. and my daughter and a couple of other friends, from college, they were here last night and all pretty much in shock and no one can believe what's going on. >> this town is 300 years old and this is probably the worst day in the history of this to town. and it's hard to believe that anything like this could happen. it's a very quiet down, maybe it's too quiet. it's horrible that such evil exists in the united states and in sandy hook in particul particular, but that's the nature of the world we live in, i guess. >> evil without a doubt.
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so close to christmas in the middle of hanukkah, we're hearing some folks in newtown are even taking down their decorations and telling reporters they feel guilty while celebrating anything, >> investigators are pouring over the school inch by inch as we heard just a few moments ago, a clearer picture is starting to emerge as well of the shooter, and adam lanza, speaking it various media outlets, describing a terrible young man and some saying it's a hidden time bomb and joining us now is former new york city detective john bassa. and first of all, i want to talk to you about the young man, but the crime scene itself and we heard from the police lieutenant at the top of the hour talking about the crime scene still being very active. we know that the victims are still inside the school. as far as we know. first of all, why must they be left in there for so long and not returned to their loved ones and what's going on now as far as the collection of evidence? >> well, right now, they have to -- you know, they're going
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to have to identify some of the victims. they're still going to have to be taking photographs, now, be collecting evidence, but with -- as far as the bodies of the children, they're going to need to identify them first before they take them out to the medical examiner's office. >> rick: we've actually heard within the last hour or so, that all the victims have in fact been identified and that's new information that's come over recently, detective. but as we take a look at the work that still lies ahead for the investigators, what do they have to do? >> well, i think what they're going to try to do, they're going to try to look for a motive. i mean, that's what we look for and there's always a motive. always a motive, but if they find one, it may-- if they find one, it may be very, very difficult for anyone to even grasp or understand, what needs to happen now and what i really oppose the notion of is that people want to mourn and i
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agree with that. i have five children myself, but i also want to be able to take action so that this won't happen. three of my children are going to be going to elementary school on monday so we need to take some action and as a police officer, i can tell you what needs to be done is these gun-free school zones, that needs to be repealed. we have to have protection there and we have to have the ability for teachers and you know, people on the campuses to be able to defend themselves and to protect these young children. >> rick: so what you're talking about having someone armed and trained inside every school around the country in the event of something like this happening. >> i'm not talking about necessarily hiring or having a police state, but talking about allowing teachers and, you know, other personnel that work at the school to have the ability to have a weapon. if that principal, and i know it's a very tragic incident, but if that principal had a
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weapon. there have been a chance to save her own life, but we need to take this notion of, you know, not taking action now, we really need to take action now and we need to look at this and take action and do it because if you look at the mass murders that we've had, and most of them, and the of ones that are on tv all the time. they happen in gun-free zones and this is something that we have to learn and we have to protect our children and i want to protect my three children going to elementary school, so, that's very important, too, should be important to everybody. >> detective. what would you have teachers and educators arm themselves with and have the ammunition that this young man had that allowed him to kill so many people in three minutes? >> sure, they should. they should have any ammunition they could want. the thing here is, the bottom line, when you talk about ammunition or weapons, the bottom line is, they need something and it could be anything, any type of firearm,
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to save the children. if you were to give me a major wand and i could change things i would have that principal or some of the teachers armed. it could have saved more of the students and staff that were killed. and it's very important. >> rick: john is a former new york city police detectives with a different take on this. different from what a lot of people around the country are thinking and might listen to your remedy and scratch their heads a little bit, but you certainly come at this from a career in law enforcement and we appreciate you coming on and sharing your thoughts with us. >> thank you, rick. >> jamie: president obama devoting his weekly internet and radio address. and take a look at the white house you can see the flag is lowered half staff following t the victims.
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molly, what do you expect to come out this have as a result of the tragedy? >> i expect the president to be consoler in chief. that's what he says. he said, quote, our hearts are broken today. that's what the president said in his saturday radio and internet address and he devo devoted the entire address and nation grieves for loss of loved ones. >> this weekend michelle and i are doing what parents rp doing, holding our children as close as we can and reminding them how much we love them. and there are families in connecticut who are not doing that today. while nothing could replace the lost after loved one, we can extend a hand in need to remind them that we're there for them. >> reporter: again, a pictures of the white house, flags were lowered to half staff at both the white house and capitol in honor of those who were killed. republicans in congress usually do a saturday address of their own, but not today.
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g.o.p. house speaker john boehner said there would be no republican address today show that president obama could speak for the entire nation at this time of mourning and speaker boehner did say on a paper statement, the horror of this door seems unbearable, but we will lock arm because that's how americans rise against unspeakable event. let us come together in god's grace for the families of the victims that they may find some comfort and peace amid such suffering. there are some calling for tougher gun laws in the week of the shooting. president obama said that the country does need to quote, take meaningful actions to prevent more tragedies like this. back to you. >> rick: outside the headquarters at fox news, we also have our flags at half staff. >> rick: no parents could watch these scenes without
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>> we have a fox news alert. concerning secretary of state hillary clinton and we're learning that secretary clinton is recovering from a concussion she sustained after she fainted earlier in the week and learning that mrs. clinton will be unable to testify next thursday before the house and senate panel on the benghazi attack and haeg healing from the concussion and in a statement that says, quote, while suffering from a stomach virus, secretary clinton became die hydrated suffering a concussion and she's continuing to be monitored by her doctors, end quote. wish her the best. >> jamie: and also, well, as we reported earlier this hour, there are a lot of new details emerging about the heroism of teachers and faculty who
11:22 am
literally put themselves between themselves and the gunman and barricading themselves. and a librarian says she heard a scuffle on the intercom and called the office and the secretary told her as the incident was going on there's an incident going on in the school and she huddled with students in a storage room until the police arrived and parents rushed to the scene hoping and praying that their child was one of the ones that survived. my next guest's eight-year-old daughter attended sandy elementary and survived the shooting. and brenda tells what her child experienced. we're gritful that your daughter survived and only imagine how your heart goes out to the other parents? how are you doing. >> i'm not doing well today. yesterday i was running on adrenalin, i was happy my daughter was alive. i was very sad for the rest of the families and today, it
11:23 am
really hit me bad, really bad. >> i'm sure it's something that every parent, i'm a parent as well, thinks could never happen at their school. >> absolutely. >> jamie: do you know anything about this suspect? >> i'd never heard of him. i have older children, 22 and 17 and they never heard of him either. so i-- and i didn't know his mother eith either. >> how is your child doing today, your daughter. >> she's been doing well and her cousin is here and they're playing christmas music and she's upbeat and trying to keep things normal. >> jamie: we're going to talk to a psychologist, you don't have to have had a child at that school to talk about something like that. what did you say to her in the last 24 hours. >> last night after we did many interviews and it was all over and we huddled on the couch and i said to her, i
11:24 am
want you to understand that this is not something that happens every day, this is a rare occurrence and you need to feel safe in your school, this school is going to be safe. and the teachers are there, and 'cause her teacher, you know, saved her life by locking the door and putting them in the corner. and you know, now, hearing many stories of heroism by these teachers and especially the one that was killed and locked her kids in the bathroom. >> and linda, tell me about what your daughter describes having seen and i know as some of the children left the school, the officers and authorities that were there told them to do it with their eyes closed. >> that's right. >> what has she told you? >> sophia was taken, escorted by the police from her classroom, but they went through a back entrance that was near the playground so they didn't need to go through the front. she said she saw nothing and they walked along the playground and the baseball field to the firehouse, and
11:25 am
that's where i caught up with her as soon as she got to the firehouse. >> well, it's a blessing that she did not have to experience more than she able did, do you expect that over time you'll need to not only give her the love that you have and move forward the best you can, but do you expect that she'll need more from you, having gone through this? >> yeah, i think that once she needs to go back to school, which i think will be in the beginning of the new year, i think she's going to start feeling the effects more. right now, she's -- she's happy because she has her family around her, it's christmas time. but i think when the reality hits and she has to go back there, that's when i think we're going to have to seek counseling. >> jamie: she's eight years old. has she lost any of her friends as a result of this? does she know of any children she was close to or knew that were not as lucky as she is? >> my fear is that the siblings of the children in
11:26 am
her class or the children she had in past grades, that they may have been affected. i don't know the names. i tried when i was in the hire house to scan the room and see who i know and the children that i know and i did see many of them, but i don't know about their younger siblings and that's what's breaking my heart. >> jamie: as this community tries to move forward as we've tragically seen in other situations like aurora, like columbine, what can we do to help the folks there? >> you, as the america? >> america. we all care so much and i'm sincerely asking you what we can do? >> i think you need to keep us all in your prayers, even those whose babies survived, thank the lord and especially those who lost their babies. and personally, my feeling that we need to do something
11:27 am
about gun control in this country because it's happening too often and it needs to stop. >> i understand that the principal, who was quite heroic herself. >> yes. >> jamie: had recently installed and bumped up security at the school and do you know why she did that and were the parents involved? >> i didn't hear about it. i just always knew you needed to be buzzed in you need to go into the office which was directly across from the front door, they could see who is at the door, you had to sign in if you were a visitor, because i volunteered and even if they knew you, you had to sign in at the time you came in and at the time you left, you had to sign out. and the secretaries in office loved their kids, very protective. one time i didn't sign my daughter out when i was taking her home and i-- i got reprimanded for that and it never happened again.
11:28 am
of so, they took the security of the kids very, very seriously. >> jamie: brenda lebinski whose eight-year-old daughter was in this school and experienced the tragedy. as you mentioned, it may get tougher before it gets easier, know that we're all there with you in your hearts and our prayers. >> thank you, thank you very much for caring about our town. >> jamie: we really do, thank you. >> thank you. >> jamie: rick. >> rick: well, the shooting y ie entire country mourning as we search for answers as to how so many young lives, so many lives could be taken so quickly. coming up next the role that states can play in times like this.
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